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East Wind Budo Life Centre's mission has always been to help each of our students improve their focus, concentration, self esteem, strength (both internal and external), to learn a new skill, and to increase self discipline. We promote authentic and traditional martial arts for our members, established by the original ideals set down by our predecessors. Each day, we adhere to the strict principle of "doh" or "the way" of martial arts, rather than focusing solely on technique and competition.

At East Wind Budo Life Centre we teach a number of martial art forms, including:

  • Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate – a traditional karate style using blocking, punching, kicking movement and kata.
  • Yamanaka-Ha Shin Do Ryu Ju Jitsu – developed from the flowing art of Aikido and the locking art of Ju Jitsu.
  • Shaolin Chuan Fa – a Chinese system based upon the movements of animals: Leopard, Dragon, Tiger, Crane and Snake.
  • Okinawan Kobudo (weapons) – Instructions with Bo, Jo, Shindo, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kama, and Sai. A total of 15 weapons are practiced.

At East Wind Budo Life Centre, we firmly believe in improving the quality of life of our members. In turn, our members improve the quality of life of their families, friends, co-workers, and everyone they meet! Improving the lives of others is one of the ways we seek to change the public's perception of martial arts from one of violence, to one of peace.


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