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Aylmer homeowner rebuilds six feet higher after floods ravaged his home in 2017

Two years ago was "David vs Goliath" said Rob Godman. "This year, we're confident our main living area will not be flooded."

In 2017, Rob Godman came home from his daughter's graduation in England to find his home "underwater."

His family basement in Aylmer, Gatineau was completely flooded, and his main floor living area had water two feet high.

He called it a "David vs Goliath type of event," where his foundation was completely compromised.

This forced him to tear down and rebuild, so he decided to plan ahead for any future flooding.

He set the foundation mark at 60.44 meters, the peak in the 2017 floods, and then raised that again. 

"The entranceway was raised from ground level by 6 feet." explained Rob Godman.

The raised foundation cost him $40,000, completely out of pocket, since insurance in Quebec didn't cover him for any flooding damage. 

He also bought two industrial pumps to help remove water, which he says are "managing" up to this point.

He says the added changes leave him hopeful for this years rising water levels.

"We're confident our main living area will not be flooded," said Godman. "However our new crawlspace / basement is at risk this year."

Even though there's no water in his basement as of Thursday, he's still worried because he remembers what happened last time.

"It wasn't the first wave that did it, it was the second wave in," he said. "And the first wave is significantly worse than it was in 2017."

He's hoping they can get through the first peak and have the water levels decrease before the second peak eventually hits.


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