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Canadian Blood Services calling on Ottawa donors over the Easter Weekend

"At the times of holiday weekends, like this weekend, people just tend to forget and get busy with other things," said Glenna Gosewich, Ottawa's territory manager and donor relations with Canadian Blood Services.
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Canadian Blood Services is holding donation clinics on Easter Weekend, encouraging the community to come out and help save some lives. 

Glenna Gosewich, Ottawa's territory manager and donor relations with Canadian Blood Services, said that people tend to get busy with family commitments over holidays, so donating blood isn't always top-of-mind.

"Generally when we call out to the public, they respond in spades," explained Gosewich. "We have two different opportunities for people to donate on Friday; one at our permanent clinic on Carling [Avenue], and then also in Kanata. We have a mobile event going on also our permanent centre on Monday. Those three events weren't very well booked, so we're hoping people can decide to come and donate blood -- thinking about family at this time, also spring and life -- to come out and donate blood over the course of the weekend."
While there is not a crisis in 2019, with a stable national inventory of blood, maintaining the supply is an ongoing project that demands the community's involvment.

"We are fortunate to have a good donor base, and [demand] is being met," said Gosewich. "There are times when, sometimes, our inverntory dips below what our ideal spot is. It's about constantly replacing the blood that's used or has expired, because blood components have different shelf-lives. It's just about meeting the need of making sure that inventory is robust at all times."

Gosewich said Candian Blood Services is trying to build community awareness, making sure that people are aware the organization is dependant on donors. 

"It's an altruistic thing to do and if, God forbid, anybody ever needs blood, they're depending on the general population to make sure that the blood is there too," said Gosewich.

To find a nearby donation site, visit the Canadian Blood Service website, download the GiveBlood app or call 1-888-2-DONATE (1 888 236-6283). Walk in appointments are also available at all locations.


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