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Château Laurier addition to move forward as proposed after failed vote to reconsider motion

No debate was heard at Ottawa City Hall Thursday, as a vote to reconsider a motion from Wednesday's meeting did not pass.
chateau laurier re-do
Day view of the Chateau Laurier from the statue of John By in Major's Hill Park.

Ottawa city council will not be forcing a new design for a proposed addition at the Château Laurier.

A special meeting was held on Thursday to reconsider a motion to pull a heritage permit, which would essentially reset the process for the owners of the building who were awarded the permit years ago.

The motion had been defeated 14-9 at Wednesday's city council meeting.

Thursday's meeting started with a vote to reconsider the motion, which was defeated 13-10. That vote essentially ended the meeting, as no debate could be held on the issue beyond that vote.



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