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Citizen transit commissioner responds to criticism of online comments

Sarah Wright-Gilbert says this isn't the first time she's heard about her online comments, and that it likely won't be the last.
2019-03-05 OC Transpo double decker bus
OC Transpo double decker bus. Jenn Pritchard/ OttawaMatters

A volunteer citizen transit commissioner, who has publicly documented the problems she's encountered on the O-Train's Confederation Line, has publicly responded to an internal email to members of the transit commission that asked for comments regarding OC Transpo to be reigned in.

Sarah Wright-Gilbert says that the service issues customers face every day is the cause of riders losing faith in the system, not comments made by commissioners like herself.

She explained that her position is on a volunteer basis and it is her job to promote transit but also to hold OC Transpo to account when there is an issue.

Wright-Gilbert's statement comes after an email by the chair of the transit commission, Councillor Allan Hubley, arguing that negative comments in the media and online were not helping to fix any of the issues. 

"Some of the comments made over the past couple of weeks in the media and on social media are helping to destroy any remaining faith or confidence our ridership has in the system," Hubley wrote. 

Wright-Gilbert said that this isn't the first time she's been contacted about her comments and that it likely won't be the last. 

You can view Wright-Gilbert's full statement here: 




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