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City attributes LRT train towed at Hurdman to routine issue ahead of trial run

Arm supports for the vehicle's overhead catenary system came loose.
2019-07-18 LRT train towed Hurdman Rail613
LRT train being towed at Hurdman Station, July 18, 2019. Photo Rail613 on Twitter

The City of Ottawa is explaining what some saw as a light rail setback as just another kink being worked out in the lead up to the Confederation Line's official trial run.

A train was seen being towed from Hurdman Station on Thursday, July 18.

It turns out arm supports for the vehicle's overhead catenary system came loose and repairs were made immediately.

The city's Director of the Rail Construction Program Michael Morgan says, "As per operating policies, trains were powered down, isolated and towed out of the area. This is all standard operating procedures when operating with an electrical system."
He says train operations are active and staff were testing the diversion protocols late last week; operating modified service around the work area, which was isolated from operations. 
"The extensive testing and commissioning prior to trial running is intended to test out all elements and identify issues such as these," explains Morgan. "All operations and responses [last Thursday] were as per the operating procedures being tested."

Morgan added Sunday night that, "The trains are performing well."


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