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City bracing for potentially record breaking snowfall this week

Up to 40 cm of snow is expected to fall between Tuesday and Wednesday

Another snowstorm is set to hit the capital region this week. 

A winter storm warning is in effect for the Ottawa-Gatineau area calling for between 30 cm and 40 cm of snow. 

Listen to Weather Network Meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg explain why Ottawa is expected to get so much snow on 1310 NEWS' Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe:

1310 NEWS Meteorologist Jill Taylor said the snow should start around 3 p.m. on Tuesday and continue through until Wednesday morning, and it could break records.

"The last record snowfall, or high amount snowfall we've had recently on a February 12th... we had 28 cm, that was in 2017" Taylor explained. "Then you have to go way back to the early 1900's to get more than 33 cm of snow on a February the 12th."

Along with the snow, it is also expected to be quite windy, with gusts of up to 50 km/hr. 

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