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OC Transpo reassuring users, once again, it is taking action to address door issues

Following a second straight day of door jams on the LRT, General Manager of Transportation Services John Manconi said OC Transpo will make changes to try and fix the issue.
2019-08-23 Lyon Station LRT Ottawa Confederation Line 6
Lyon Station on Ottawa's Confederation Line, August 23, 2019. Mike Vlasveld/

General Manager of Transportation Services John Manconi warned customers once again to leave the doors alone and to stop holding them open.

He cited three instances where customers pried open the doors causing a delay on the Confederation Line on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, CCTV footage caught an incident where a commuter was running down the stairs at Lyon station, attempting to make the train, while the audio and visual signals were going, resulting in that person to force the doors to reopen. A safety feature kicked in, causing the doors to default into the open position. Manconi explained that this safety feature was installed to prevent a "door drag."

Manconi also stressed that he was not "blaming or criticizing customers" and understands passengers need to get used to how the new system works.

The Alstom Citadis Spirit vehicles have four safety features to avoid any potential injuries when entering the train.

Manconi said the city has reviewed its procedures to attempt to fix any glitches. The city believes it wasn't following the proper sequences to resolve the issue. The city also found that technicians were making additional efforts to, not only isolate the door, but repair it.

"I'm instructing all technicians and operators to immediately put the train back in service as soon as the door is isolated, and if that is not possible, they are to bypass the door, which they are capable of doing, and ask passengers on the train to exit and immediately remove the train from service," said Manconi. "While this will inconvenience the passages on that specific train, the impact to the entire system will be significantly less."

New measures are being taken to avoid any future incidents, including:

  • Adjusting dwell times (the amount of time a door is kept open) at stations aligning the timing to passenger volume and train frequency times;
  • Asking Alstom to review all door issues to assess root causes and identify any issues or measures that can minimise door issues;
  • Asking Alstom to review all door settings to assess if sensitivity settings are consistent across the fleet;
  • Deploying customer representatives to platforms to remind customers to stand clear of doorways, not to run for trains and not to hold doors.
  • Increasing customer service messaging using all channels to remind our customers of boarding and disembarking tips and suggestions;
  • Making station announcements asking customers not to run for trains, to stand clear of doors and not to hold doors service; and
  • Installing markings on platforms guiding customers on where to align at the doors to assist with loading and unloading of passengers.


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