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Gas prices see weekend hike, with another jump coming

An expert is calling for another two to four cent increase at the pumps, as we move through peak driving season.
Gas prices
A motorist reaches for the pump at a gas station on Feburary 24, 2011. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Patrick Dell

After seeing a hike in gas prices across the country over the weekend, an expert is forecasting more to come. 

As of Tuesday in Ottawa, the average price of gas stood even at $1.37.9

"Two to four cents to what you see at the pump today would pretty well cap it off," said Chief Petroleum Analyst an EnPro, Rogers McKnight, speaking with the Rick Gibbons Show on 1310 NEWS. 

McKnight blames soaring gas prices on HST rates, which cost drivers 16 cents per litre every time they fill up. 

He's proposing a simple fix that would sent gas prices in the opposite direction overnight. 

"You could cap the price at which HST is charged," said McKnight. "That could cut the price by two cents tomorrow." 

A lack of stability in politics is also a major factor right now. US President Donald Trump, the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and the effect on the Canadian Dollar are all triggering uncertainty at the pumps. 

McKnight predicts that once school is let out, that's when prices will see some relief, as petroleum companies see that as the end of 'peak driving season'.


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