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Gatineau delivers Parc des Cèdres development and design master plan update

The final report will be tabled at the municipal council meeting on July 2.

The City of Gatineau has unveiled an update of its master plan for the design and development of Parc des Cèdres.

This follows public consultations in February and October of 2018. The original plan was developed more than 10 years ago.

The preliminary budget for the completion of the updated plan is estimated at $22.5-million.

"Parc des Cèdres is a great site, and the goal of the master plan review was to come up with a concept that would allow the site to be used to its full potential," said Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin. "I think that the adjustments and modifications made in recent months respond in a balanced way to the needs expressed by [residents] during consultations. We have a plan that allows us to harmonize as much as possible the many uses, and to add this place, to the attractions of the main street and the west of the city."

The final report of the plan will be tabled at the municipal council meeting on July 2.
The park is divided into two main sectors:

  • The sector of the marina and the reception center
  • The beach area

The following will be proposed in the area of the marina and reception centre:

  • A new vehicular and pedestrian link will be created
  • A new route will be proposed for active transportation
  • The riverfront promenade will be reviewed and improved
  • The parking area will be reorganized and spaces will be added near the boat ramp
  • An adult health course will be built
  • A frozen trail will be created for the enjoyment of winter skaters
  • A new pavilion is currently under construction

The following will be proposed in the beach area:

  • A natural amphitheater as well as a gliding and walking area will be developed
  • The new route for active transportation will be extended
  • Pedestrian links giving access to Arthur-Croteau and Raoul-Roy streets will be built
  • A water access ramp for light craft will be added
  • The ball field and the children's play structure will be maintained

The city says the new master plan has the following objectives:

  • Deconstruct the park and improve the circulation of users
  • Restore the waterfront to the community
  • Promote culture and art
  • Promote physical activity throughout the year and allow residents to enjoy nature


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