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Gatineau police target organized street racing

Police say the street racing was organized enough that cones were set up and vehicles were acting as lookouts.
2018-10-26 Gatineau Police cruiser1
Gatineau Police Service (SPVG) cruiser. Jenn Pritchard/ OttawaMatters

Street races, that police say were organized on social media, have Gatineau police warning would-be racers about the risks and consequences.

Police say the races have been happening over the last several weeks.

In one incident, Gatineau police say they were called to a race on boulevard Saint-René West, on May 11. When officers arrived, the majority of vehicles present quickly scattered. But police say the event was organized to the point where orange cones had been set up, and some vehicles kept watch while blocking off entrances to a parking lot.

Police say the racing happened on boulevard Saint-René West, between boulevard de la Cité and montée Paiement.

No charges were laid at the scene but police are warning others about the legal consequences of street racing, which can include drivers licence suspensions, vehicle seizures, 12 demerit points to the driver's licence, and fines ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

Gatineau police ask anyone who believes they have witnessed street racing on public roads to call 819-246-0222.


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