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LISTEN: Heart Institute doctors wearing red to raise awareness of women's heart health

Doctors say that women's symptoms of heart disease can often be misunderstood and overlooked.
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Doctors at the Ottawa Heart Institute will be wearing red this month to celebrate Heart Month -- February, naturally, given the month's romantic persuasion -- to "start a conversation that hopefully will save women's lives," says Dr. Thais Coutinho, speaking to 1310's Rick Gibbons on the Rick Gibbons Show. 

In particular the campaign, which anyone is invited to participate in, focuses on heart disease in women -- a problem that has unique symptoms that are often overlooked when compared to men. "There are a lot of iassues that surround the prevention, the awareness, the diagnosis, and the treatment that have led to worse outcomes in women," says Dr. Coutinho. "The women's symptoms are not always exactly like the textbook."

Listen to Dr. Coutinho's conversation with Rick Gibbons here: 


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