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Local business to help paralyzed man with new home

Troy Kraus just moved into a bungalow in Stittsville, and will now have no problem keeping cool for the summer.
2018-06-12 air conditioner
Air conditioner. Photo/ iStock

A slip and fall in his driveway, back in January of 2017, left Tony Kraus paralyzed, and now he's getting help setting up in his new house. 

Kraus was determined that he would walk again after surgery which fused four of his vertebrae with titanium rods, but in the meantime, he was forced to sell his two-story house and move into the basement of his brother's home. 

As a result of his continued progress, he recently moved into a new bungalow that is outfitted to help him be self-sufficient. 

Carleton Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. told that it had been following Kraus' story with admiration regarding his strength and determination, and wanted to help him in some way.

The company said Kraus is an example of what positive thinking can do to change any situation that one might find themselves in. 

A new air conditioning unit will be installed in Kraus' Stittsville home on Wednesday morning.


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