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Ottawa Valley roads flooded out, and more rain is on the way

Most flooding is being seen in the Kinburn, Mississippi Mills, Pakenham and Carelton Place areas. 
2019-04-15 ottawa valley flood mississippi conservation 2
Photo/ Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

Areas of the Ottawa Valley are seeing significant flooding after heavy rain fell on the region, and with more rain in the forecast, authorities worry it may get worse.

Monday's flooding hasn't reached the levels of 2017, but a portion of Mohrs Road near Galetta Side Road is underwater in the Kinburn area. 

Part of County Road 29 in Mississippi Mills was impassable Monday morning. The Tay Valley area, near Perth, has also seen some flooding. 

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority Water Management Supervisor Gord Mountenay said the slow start to spring didn't quite melt enough snow, and so the warm weather on Saturday coupled with heavy rain Sunday into Monday, created ideal flood conditions.

He added, some residents should definitely take precautions to protect their property.

"We've got some areas along the Mississippi River that are seeing higher water than what would normally be expected," he explained. "Certainly through the village of Pakenham and that area [water] is much higher than what we should have for this time of year, given our flows on the Mississippi River."

Mountenay said he expected to be issuing a flood warning for Dalhousie Lake Monday or Tuesday.

Carleton Place and Appleton areas are another couple that could be affected by high water levels, especially with rain in the forecast for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Anyone living in a low lying areas in the City of Ottawa, concerned about flooding issues, can contact the city, as it has made thousands of sand bags available. 


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