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Ottawa's Confederation Line needs more work, but deadline remains unchanged

An independent certifier says Rideau Transit Group has not achieved substantial completion of the project. 
2018-11-14 LRT train video screen grab
An Ottawa Light Rial Transit train making its way into St. Laurent Station on the Confederation Line. Photo/ screen grab from video released by city

Although the City of Ottawa still believes it can get the keys to its new light rail transit system by the end of June, a new obstacle has presented itself.

An independent certifier has determined that the Rideau Transit Group still has more work to do on the Confederation Line.

The certifier inspected the project on Monday, looking to grant RTG a substantial completion notice for the project. 

The city has since been reviewing the certiofier's determination and assessing the impacts of the report on the overall program. The city said the certifier agrees with the its opinion that RTG has not achieved substantial completion, and agrees that additional work is required. 

Despite this assessment, the city said it is important to note that RTG has been continuing work on all areas in an effort to close out issues throughout the Confederation Line system.

In terms of immediate next steps, the certifier has recommended a joint meeting with RTG and the city to discuss the issues noted in its assessment. 

The city said it will be organizing a session with RTG to review the outstanding work. 

RTG is required to provide the city and the certifier with a corrective action plan within five business days and will need to provide a new substantial completion date. 


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