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The Ottawa Hospital calling on retired health-care workers to join efforts against COVID-19

According to Dr. Alan Forster, the finite number of workers are providing more services than before and additional employees would help expand testing.
Photo: Health care workers on the job in a hospital/Shutterstock

The Ottawa Hospital's Vice President of Innovation and Quality is calling on health-care workers within the community to come forward to help fight against the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Alan Forster says the hospital is actively searching for health care professionals, including retired nurses, to help join the efforts against COVID-19.

He says the need for more staff comes as more services are provided.

"This finite human resource pool is providing more care in hospitals, staffing more in long-term care homes, and there are more nurses in schools," Dr. Forster explains. "If there are health-care retirees willing to join the effort, they would be more than welcome as we build the additional testing capacity."

Dr. Forster adds additional staff will impact the regions ability to increase testing capacity and open additional centres.


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