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'This is the classic abuser non-apology:' Women's rights advocate on Rick Chiarelli's statement

Ottawa City Councillor Rick Chiarelli released his first public statement since being hit with allegations of sexual misconduct.
2019-09-13 bra protest city hall chiarelli JP4
Bras hang on trees near Ottawa City Hall in protest of sexual misconduct allegations against councillor Rick Chiarelli, September 13, 2019. Jenn Pritchard/

An Ottawa woman's rights advocate finds a statement from College ward City Councillor Rick Chiarelli, defending himself against sexual misconduct allegations, disappointing.

"This is a person who we've seen multiple accounts of women come forward against him, and instead of taking any of that to heart or taking it seriously at all, he's simply deflecting the blame onto others." said Sydney Holmes, the co-founder of Defend Choice Ottawa.

She added, as a society, we don't vilify someone for getting robbed, it only happens in cases of abuse and harassment.

"We've got 12 women who have come forward with very similar accounts and with very real evidence that demonstrates the validity of their accusations, and [Chiarelli's] statement doesn't speak to any of that. It simply deflects all blame and turns himself into a victim."

Holmes thinks the statement had a lot in common with the current President of the United States.

"The language that came out was very akin to a lot of the langauge we've seen from Donald Trump," she explained. "This is the classic abuser non-apology"


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