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#TransitChallenge2020 begins Monday in Ottawa

The week-long challenge urges residents to only use buses, trains or ParaTranspo from February 17 to 23.
2019-07-03 oc transpo bus CK1
OC Transpo bus, July 2019. Chris Kurys/

The Transit Challenge is urging residents in Ottawa to only use buses, trains or ParaTranspo for a full week starting Monday February 17, except for emergencies.

The challenge is run by Ottawa Transit Riders, a non-profit advocacy group that seeks to make transit in the capital more reliable, affordable and safe for users.

It says residents can still walk and bike to the transit stations as part of the challenge.

The #TransitChallenge2020 is also co-hosted by Ecology Ottawa, Healthy Transportation Coalition and Free Transit Ottawa. Surveys will be sent out on Wednesday and Sunday to get the public's reaction on what worked and what didn't.

The challenge's purpose is to get a better understanding of Ottawa's transit system and see where there is room for improvement. It also aims to keep transit in the spotlight and maintain it as a priority issue at the municipal level.


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