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West Ottawa residents in a funk over garbage pick-up

Neighbourhoods in Kanata, Stittsville and Bay ward have been dealing with smelly situation, as trash pick-up is constantly delayed.
2018-03-15 - Garbage bags - AB
Garbage bags at the curb. Photo/iStock

Residents in Ottawa's west end are in a stink over their green and blue bins not being picked up on time by the city's contractor, Waste Management.

Neighbourhoods in Kanata, Stittsville and Bay ward have been experiencing delays in services, leaving their streets lined with full trash bins.

"It's awful," said, Allen Hubley, Councillor for Kanata South. "We're lucky it's not the middle of summer. But we had this issue in June and July when it was 35 degrees out and your green bin was cooking in your driveway. It's not like a one time thing. It's been going on for a while."

At Tuesday's council meeting, Stittsville Councillor Glen Gower said residents have been dealing with this issue as far back as April. City staff informed councillors that Waste Management is trying to resolve the issue.

"Waste Management is making efforts and pulling in additional resources. They've got new drivers coming online," said Kevin Wylie General Manager for the City of Ottawa.

A 12-year agreement between the city and Waste Management ends in June of 2020, and the city has already signed a new agreement with competitor Miller Waste Systems.

Hubley told reporters he's hoping residents don't experience continued delays in services until the contract expires.

"I heard good things today [at council], like the transition plan I asked about. It seems like (Waste Management] have a lot of steps in place to fix this, but it's what I see," said Hubley.


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