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City cutting stadium lease short with Ottawa Champions, as team owes $400K

A memo from the City of Ottawa says the baseball franchise has fallen into arrears on its lease payments.
2018-05-03 Ottawa Champions
Ottawa Champions. Photo/

The City of Ottawa plans to end its lease agreement with the Ottawa Champions for RCGT Park, as it says has fallen hundreds of thousands of dollars short on lease payments.

The information was released as part of a city memo on Friday. It was part of an upcoming Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting agenda.

The city explained the Champions have not been able to make enough money to continue to use RCGT Park on Coventry Road, and have fallen into arrears on their lease payments. 

With more than five years left on the lease the baseball team will have to pay the city of $400,000 in arrears. 

It's not yet clear how this affects the future of the Champions or where they might play in the future.

The city has also switched the lease to a facility use agreement.

The council-approved hourly commercial rental rate for the stadium of $128.25 per hour will be applied, with a premium of $48.35 per hour for stadium lights during night games.

This subject will be debated at the next Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting.

It's not yet clear how this decision affects the future of the Champions. In March, the city had listed RCGT Park as a potential spot to be redeveloped for new housing, including some affordable housing. 


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