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Ottawa police staying on top of stunt drivers, seizing eight vehicles in one day

Officers have seized 15 vehicles in the last week, as drivers continue to rip down roadways that are emptier than usual.
2018-07-12 ottawa police cruiser MV3
Ottawa Police Service cruiser. Mike Vlasveld/ OttawaMatters

Just because COVID-19 is keeping the majority of residents at home and off Ottawa roads, doesn't mean the streets are open to be sped through.

That's the message from the Ottawa Police Service as it seized eight vehicles in stunt driving incidents on Friday. Officers say all eight vehicles were spotted travelling 50 km/hr over the posted speed limit, including one motorcycle which was performing wheelies at the same time.

Two of the offenders were caught speeding in a construction zone. They were issued higher fines and additional demerit points. 

Those eight incidents are part of 15 reported in just the last week.

"The Ottawa Police will continue to enforce the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) over the weekend," said Traffic Unit Staff Sergeant Marc-Andre Sheehy.  "Practicing physical distancing during the pandemic does not stop us from enforcing the law with drivers who fail to respect the rules of the road.  We are in this together, please drive carefully."

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