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Renters beware: Person conned out of nearly $5K for fake rental property

To avoid these situations, the OPP offer some tips so you don't become the next victim of this type of fraud.
A for rent sign. (via Contributed)

Be careful when responding to rental advertisements — that’s what the OPP in Prince Edward County is reminding folks to do after a person responded to an online advertisement and lost almost $5,000.

According to OPP, the person was primarily in communication with a person posing as the landlord on June 25. 

The renter then re-transferred over $4,680 to the person claiming to be the owner of the property. 

The instructions were that a key and further information would be sent to them by courier before their moving date. 

When the would-be tenant visited the rental property, someone was already living at the residence full time and the tenant found out the property was not for rent.

To help renters from being a victim of this type of fraud, OPP says be aware of the following:

  • Demand to meet the landlord or representative in person
  • Always ask for a tour prior to giving deposits
  • Be alert to emails that contain poor spelling and grammar
  • Don’t supply any personal information or deposits before confirming the property is actually for rent
  • Before sending money digitally, always remember to take your time — ask questions and do your research. 

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is, the OPP says.

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