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'We're not monsters:' Ottawa bylaw officers crack down on drivers in no stop zones

Officers handed out 101 tickets to drivers on the first day of a downtown blitz.

Ottawa police and bylaw officers have teamed up to send a message to drivers in the downtown core and to help ease some of the congestion caused by construction over the next two weeks. 

On day one of a traffic blitz, 101 tickets were handed out to drivers parking their vehicles in no stop zones, four of which were stopped in bus lanes. 

During the afternoon rush on Monday, four more vehicles were tagged for parking in a no stopping zone along Slater Street at Bank Street. That area only opens to street parking at 3 p.m. 

When parking downtown, the signs may be confusing but Ottawa Bylaw suggests reading all the panels on the sign, especially the one at the top of the post. 

"The top one is always the most important panel, a lot of people just disregard it because it's really high up there," explained Public Information Officer Alison Sandor. "But that one is the most important one, that's the one that's going to tell you if it's a no stopping zone or if your parking zone turns into a no stop for peak officers."

The ticket for stopping in a no stop zone is $120, but the vehicles will also be towed out of the area. This means the driver will be forced to pay the regular fine, a $55 tow fee and then about $30 a day for impound fees. 

Sandor said that these Bylaw officers aren't out to get you -- they're not monsters. 

"We don't like to be out here giving tickets, it's our job so we do it. What we'd love to see is compliance, so we wouldn't have to give the tickets," Sandor said. "And then you wouldn't have to go home and decide if you're going to buy yourself a new pair of Lululemons or pay a parking ticket." 

Extra bylaw officers will be out on their bikes and in their cars over the next two weeks looking for offenders and sending the message that it is not ok to block bike or bus lanes. 


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