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Remember This?

<b>Remember This?</b> The Greatest Show on Earth

Remember This? The Greatest Show on Earth

Looking back at the first Barnum & Bailey circus in Ottawa. It was a massive show.
<b>Remember This?</b> Captains of the Clouds

Remember This? Captains of the Clouds

On this day in 1941, film crews arrived in Ottawa to begin work on the first ever Hollywood movie to be shot entirely in Canada. It ended up garnering two Academy Award nominations.
<b>Remember This?</b> The Coyne affair

Remember This? The Coyne affair

Taking a look back on the public spat between former Prime Minister of Canada John G. Diefenbaker and James E. Coyne.
<b>Remember This?</b> The funeral of J. Thad Johnson

Remember This? The funeral of J. Thad Johnson

Canada's Diamond Jubilee celebrations on this day back in 1927, which included a visit from famous American Colonel Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis, was overshadowed by the death of another American pilot.
<b>Remember This?</b> Ottawa's royal swans

Remember This? Ottawa's royal swans

Taking a look at the history of Ottawa's royal swans, which were first released into the Rideau River this week, 51 years ago.
<b>Remember This?</b> Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee

Remember This? Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee

Looking back on how Ottawa celebrated Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee in 1897.
<b>Remember This?</b> Lotta and USC Canada

Remember This? Lotta and USC Canada

Looking back on the life of Lotta Hitschmanova, and the influence she had in Ottawa, across the country and all over the world.
<b>Remember This?</b> Ottawa recycles

Remember This? Ottawa recycles

It's been 46 years since the City of Ottawa's first recycling program.
<b>Remember This?</b> The Ottawa sewer explosions

Remember This? The Ottawa sewer explosions

Taking a look back at explosions which sent manhole covers flying through parts of the city.
<b>Remember This?</b> Britannia-on-the-Bay

Remember This? Britannia-on-the-Bay

Taking a look back at Ottawa's first amusement park, and the trolley which took residents there.
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