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Remember This?

<b>Remember This?</b> The great fire of 1870

Remember This? The great fire of 1870

On August 19, 1870, about 2,000 homeless and hungry people were slowly making their way along Richmond Road to the capital.
<b>Remember This?</b> June and Company's Great Circus

Remember This? June and Company's Great Circus

Looking back on one of the first big circuses to make its way to Bytown, even before the municipality was linked to other major centres by rail.
<b>Remember This?</b> Frank Amyot and the Berlin Olympics

Remember This? Frank Amyot and the Berlin Olympics

Canada's only gold medalist at the controversial Olympic Games in 1936 was an Ottawa canoeist.
<b>Remember This?</b> The Corporation of Bytown

Remember This? The Corporation of Bytown

Looking back on the beginnings of Bytown and its turbulent political landscape.
<b>Remember This?</b> Sappers' Bridge

Remember This? Sappers' Bridge

Hidden underneath the Plaza Bridge is a small pile of stones preserved from the old bridge with a plaque installed by the NCC in 2004 in honour of Canadian military engineers. 
<b>Remember This?</b> The Lord Elgin Hotel

Remember This? The Lord Elgin Hotel

Other potential names for the Lord Elgin Hotel were The Kingsford, the Empire and The Tweedsmuir.
<b>Remember This?</b> The Colonial Conference

Remember This? The Colonial Conference

Canada hosted delegates from the British Empire, talking about improving communications and trade between all countries.
<b>Remember This?</b> Operation Fish

Remember This? Operation Fish

As England worried about a potential Nazi invasion, it shipped billions of dollars worth of gold across the Atlantic, to Ottawa and Montreal.
<b>Remember This?</b> The McKellar train disaster

Remember This? The McKellar train disaster

Eight people died and 65 were injured in the train crash along the Ottawa River, near Britannia.
<b>Remember This?</b> A Canadian historical dinner service

Remember This? A Canadian historical dinner service

Speaking on behalf of everyone, Senator Allan said that the dinner service was a "memorial to their esteem and affection in recognition of the signal devotion of Her Excellency [Lady Aberdeen] to the promotion of all good works in Canada and [her] invariable kindness to the members of the Dominion Parliament."
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