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Remember This?

<b>Remember This?</b> A.J. Freiman versus J. Tissot

Remember This? A.J. Freiman versus J. Tissot

An antisemitic police detective worked to bring down a prominent Ottawa business man before a jury found him guilty of defamation.
<b>Remember This?</b> Charlotte Whitton becomes mayor

Remember This? Charlotte Whitton becomes mayor

Taking a look back at the often controversial life and career of the first woman to ever sit on Ottawa City Council. 
<b>Remember This?</b> The Central Canada Exhibition

Remember This? The Central Canada Exhibition

Taking a look back at the start of the Central Canada Exhibition, which eventually became the Ottawa SuperEx.
<b>Remember This?</b> Stony Monday Riot

Remember This? Stony Monday Riot

A bloody civil war was almost part of Canadian history before Ottawa was named the country's capital city.
<b>Remember This?</b> The old supreme court building

Remember This? The old supreme court building

One of the oldest buildings in the capital was demolished in the 50's and remains a parking lot today.
<b>Remember This?</b> The Red Menace

Remember This? The Red Menace

A series of events which kicked off the Cold War, all began one evening in Ottawa.
<b>Remember This?</b> Gay liberation

Remember This? Gay liberation

On August 28, 1971, a small group of men and women numbering anywhere from 80 to 200, accounts vary, marched on Parliament Hill in the first "gay liberation" protest in Canada.
<b>Remember This?</b> Ottawa's first park -- Major's Hill

Remember This? Ottawa's first park -- Major's Hill

The story of how Major's Hill Park came to be.
<b>Remember This?</b> The blackout of 2003

Remember This? The blackout of 2003

It's been 15 years since one of the largest blackouts in North American history, and Ottawa was a part of it.
<b>Remember This?</b> The Heron Road bridge disaster

Remember This? The Heron Road bridge disaster

Picnickers who had been listening to a rock n’ roll band in nearby Vincent Massey Park that hot, sultry afternoon in 1966, described the collapse of the bridge as sounding like a low-flying, jet airplane.
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