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Spotlight: Is sports betting in Canada experiencing a turning point?

How new events and online sportsbooks are changing the game for sports fans.
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It was staged to be a war in one of the most serene settings in the Nevada desert. Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods arranged to face off on November 28, 2018, at Shadow Creek Golf Course in a first of its kind match play event designed to both shake up the format of a sport steeped in tradition and how golf fans were able to interact with the game.

“The Match” had all the makings of a head-to-head main event – pay per view access, media hype, and trash-talking press conferences (although the player’s feuds often felt calculated). The event also had another common element shared with most Las Vegas heavyweight bouts – betting odds.

This made for television event was cleverly designed to garner strong appeal for the betting sports fan. From Mickelson and Tiger’s side bets to integrated betting information throughout the broadcast, wagering was woven into the fabric of the competition offering fresh territory for fans seeking to make things a little more interesting by cashing in on the play.

“The Match” provided a new and creative template for the future of sports betting. It offered greater game interactivity and in-play wagering options that catered to the growing population of Canadians who bet on sports through online sportsbooks.

Globally, sports gambling is a USD $200 billion dollar industry. In a recent report, Deloitte Global predicted that 60 per cent of Canadian and American men aged 18 to 34 will wager on televised sporting events like “The Match”.

The sports betting landscape is changing to suit the players’ wants in different and innovative ways. And this is helping to drive the growing online sportsbook industry. Events like the Woods/Mickelson matchup are being designed with the interactive fan in mind while online sportsbooks are making it more convenient for fans to get involved in recreational betting.

Canadian guide to online sports betting, the portal sportsbetting24 is demystifying online sports wagering in Canada, providing Canadians with the tools and information to make informed decisions about betting online. This site is popular among sports fans because it provides reviews and ratings on the world’s top online sports betting platforms while highlighting the best bonus offers for players and guiding users through overall rankings and evaluations to get
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The portal also provides detailed tips and beginner’s guides for fans wagering on professional sports leagues including MLB, the NHL, MLS and MMA events.

Sports fans are experiencing an exciting turning point for sports betting in Canada. Wagering on events has become more mainstream as odds are discussed openly in sports media and have taken on a story of their own. And with more attention being paid to the sports betting industry, outdated negative views surrounding wagering on events as a whole are fading.

Months later and the Mickelson/Woods matchup has been all but forgotten. But what remains is the reality that sports betting in Canada is evolving to meet the desires of sports fans looking to engage with their favourite events on a different level.

This Content is made possible by our Sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial staff.


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